Thursday, September 21, 2017

About to hatch

Story starter!

For the last few days, they had been falling from the sky. Nobody knew where they had come from; nobody knew why they were there.

The mysterious objects, most of them spherical in shape, lay there on the beach, motionless, immovable despite the tide’s best efforts to eradicate them from the shoreline.

Then, a crack began to appear on the surface.the egg rumbled the earth.
The egg was really big and inside was 25 little baby turtles in the egg.

Question time!

Where might these objects have come from?
I believe that the eggs came from space.

Why is the surface of the nearest object cracking?
I believe the eggs are so heavy that it is cracking the object.

What is inside the objects? Are all of the objects the same?
I believe the eggs are all the same because they are bumpy and they look the same.

What will happen next?
the eggs crack the earth and the life on earth disappeared and died.

If you came across one of these, how would you react?
I would see what is inside the egg.

Do these objects remind you of anything?
it reminds me of a big turtle egg washed on the beach.

Why have these objects landed on the beach? Is it by chance or is it deliberate?

I believe that it’s by chance.

Friday, April 7, 2017


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